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    I would like to address you Mr. Hyatt, and by extension the board.

    While you have not stated the reasons as to why the board has decided against UTVs being a part of the RXR series, I believe that including them as a new class, or two, within the existing series is the only plausible option moving forward.
    I would like to address some concerns the board might have that might have led to their decision.

    I would first like to address participant population management, as rumor has it that many RX organizers have trouble with driver counts in certain regions already.
    My principal argument here is that with narrow enough rulesets, it would be possible to limit UTV driver population to a manageable amount.
    I can go through specifics if needed, but limiting the class to 950-1000cc engines, naturally aspirated, as OEM equipped would instantly limit a vast majority of UTV owners. Many would also prefer an additional 920-1000cc forced induction class, but it can be added later as management resources improve.
    In addition, many of the following safety rules will also reduce driver numbers as certain modifications can limit participation only to those who are dedicated enough to modify their vehicle.

    Next, I'll address safety.

    The center of gravity of an OEM UTV, with suspension in OEM configuration, is certainly an issue. However UTVs almost universally have highly adjustable coilover suspension which can lower the vehicle substantially.
    This, with the addition of suspension travel limiter straps, and DOT passenger car tires filled with 30+ psi of pressure would certainly manage this and put UTV stability on par with, or even exceeding, automobiles. These rules are easily enforced and would require no extra training for

    Another concern is occupant containment within the UTV. This can be managed with the requirement for 5 point harnesses, non-oem racing seats, un-opening full doors, and windows nets or wrist straps. All of these are easily and quickly identifiable by a tech inspector with no additional training.

    This ruleset, in addition to safety rules required by Modified class, should provide safety that is equal to, or greater than the automotive safety currently in effect at RXR events.

    Additional safety equipment or configurations are plausable as well that are equivalent to or exceed Constructor class safety requirements. UTV safety requirements are well established within the professional racing community and achieve professional level safety design and a proven track record of crash safety in extreme environments. Of course having crash structure requirements would require more heavily trained tech inspectors, this should easily match Constructor class requirements.

    And even at Constructor class safety requirements, UTV racer participation would still be robust enough to justify having the class. UTV racing at this level is certainly popular enough.

    I certainly hope the board can reconsider it's decision to divorce RXR and any potential UTV racing series. As I believe that any participation of UTVs within SCCA would require utilizing existing organizational structures. And I would greatly like to see UTVs participating in Rallycross, Rally, and even Asphalt SCCA events as they are extremely suited for these activities.

    Thank you for your attention.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Jake I.
    Phone number available upon request.


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      Please excuse some of the grammatical errors. I seem to be having text glitches with this websites software and my phone keyboard.

      Jake I.


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        the RXB has offered to include UTVs in the RX program since the 2017 SCCA convention, when this thread was started. The RXB has gotten SCCA BoD approval to create a pilot program and rule set. We have also reached out to ARA to make sure that there isn’t multiple programs working on UTV rules.

        Numerous times the RXB has asked for people to form an advisory committee to create a rule set. The RXB has had responses but no action.

        A FB post also showed a majority of posters that answered did not want them in current programs but did not care if they started a UTV program in their area. Concerns included speed, cornering and safety as well as lack of technical ability in confirming rules compliance.

        Please have the UTV community post on this thread and the RXB will give them the tools to work to create the information needed to include UTVs in the RX program.

        Steve Hyatt


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          I would like to be involved or help develop UTV classes. I have been in SCCA & SCCA Pro Road racing & more recently developed UTV rules for CMIR UTV ice racing classes.
          John Boos
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            Hi, I am interested in UTV classes. I managed an Off road race series in the Midwest (including rules development) that included SXS's. I am located in Phoenix, AZ.

            ARA and California Rally Series both allow UTV's and have rules developed. Consistency would be nice to give drivers flexibility.

            Larry Turnquist
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