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  • Ambulance and first responder

    "IX.B. An ambulance must be on site or on call and available to respond and arrive at event location within five (5) minutes of a telephone call from the event site. A cellular phone must be available on-site to contact authorities in the event of an emergency. For RallySprint events, at least one medical first responder (e.g. EMT, Paramedic, RN, Physician) must be on site during competition runs."

    Is the ambulance required for both RallyTrials and RallySprint? The last sentence seems to imply that a first responder needs to be onsite but an ambulance does not for RallySprint events. If that is the case, I would have thought that the RallyTrial events would be the ones where a first responder would be sufficient.
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    The way the rule is written can be confusing. Let me see if I can make it a little more clear: You can have a RallyTrial with a fire station (or other first responder) 5 minutes away and not need an ambulance on site. For Sprints you must have an EMT ect on site even if the fire station is only 4 minutes away. You still don't need an ambulance just a first responder on site (medic w/sweep for example).