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RallySprint vehicle eligibility questions

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  • RallySprint vehicle eligibility questions

    I'm looking at a former LeMons racecar with the sunroof glass removed and a lexan panel screwed to the roof. It also does not have a window net, but the windows roll up. All else legal, are the lexan roof panel and lack of window net sufficient to run RallySprint?

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    I would say no. If a sunroof is removed, it should be replaced with sheet metal.
    Jim Perrin
    WNY Region
    NEDIV RX Steward


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      It looks like a riveted sheet metal panel (equal or greater to stock roof thickness) will get it done. I can't find anything in any SCCA rules to the contrary?

      The general idea (critique welcome):
      - Cut sheet metal panel larger than hole
      - Punch and drill holes for rivets
      - Run a bead of automotive seam sealer, panel bond, or similar
      - Install rivets
      - Beer
      - Paint


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        Window nets are not mandatory unless you don't have a driver side or passenger side window. You are on the correct path to skinning the sunroof hole. Keep it up Jim!


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          I'm reading in the RallySprint rules that (paraphrasing) eligible cars must be in good working order and must have the following:

          - Minimum GCR IT-style roll cage
          - 5+ point harness
          - Race seats firmly mounted
          - GCR-legal handheld fire extinguisher

          I interpret that to mean any car that could pass a RallyCross tech inspection, plus the above four requirements.

          However, the "2016 Scca Rallysprint Tech Form" has quite a few more checkboxes:

          It reads like a checklist for a stage rally that uses public roads. Is this a sample sheet, or have previous RallySprints looked for things like working horn and windshield washer, license plate lights, "neat and clean," rear mud flaps (on my FWD car), DOT triangles, spill kit, etc.?


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            The tech sheet is a guideline. In NE they run it more like a stage. I delete out stuff like flares, spill kits, triangles etc. I keep things like horns and wipers etc because of safety reasons. The car/cage is supposed to be logbooked (scca, NASA, ARA , etc). Logbooking makes sure stuff like roll bar padding is inplace as well as seats and harness are mounted properly.