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Sharing road courses with other events?

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  • Sharing road courses with other events?

    Closed grounds of a road course seem like a natural possibility for RallySprints, but the costs can be prohibitive to rent for Sprints alone. Has anyone thought about sharing with other events? Fees, first responders, and workers could overlap. Racing/lapdays during the morning and afternoon, then Sprints during late afternoon/night, for example.

    I didn't attend any of the Time Trial seminars at the SCCA National Convention, but it looks like the club is ramping up its efforts to have a cohesive, visible TT program. The first TT Nationals is going to combine 15-20 minute sessions on track with hillclimb-style point-to-point runs that snake around the track. It's one-car-at-a-time stuff like rally, so I imagine they would have lower entrant density than road racing. Pairing one growing program with another - good synergy?

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    At the AL/TVR race at Barber, TT sessions are added to the RR sessions to make the event economically feasible.

    Later this year, the Dixie RallyCross will be held at Sebring - which will be a RR weekend as well.

    In regards to the TT Nationals, the format is definitely not the same TT format that we're used to seeing here in the SEDiv. They probably should have called it something else.
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