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    Do you guys know what brand of shock absorbers racers prefer to use on their racing cars? Are Bilstein Shocks performance shocks, highly recommended?

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    I see Bilsteins, KYB and then a variety of the stage rally spec coil-overs, at sprints. Bilsteins are good OEM replacement but when you move into rally spec coilovers it will vary depending on what type of car/suspension. I would start with by researching what the the guys who run stage in your type of car use.


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      It varies wildly depending on car and terrain type. The smoother the course, the more you can do with OEM and street type upgraded suspension.

      The more rough, the more you need something up to the task of travel and compression cycles you'll see.

      I don't think that a "stage rally" type suspension is really necessary for rallyx. Stage stuff is built to withstand impacts that should never been seen at a rallyx. My suggestion is always start with good condition OEM and run an event or two. Figure out from there what you need to improve on the vehicle. Most of the time, the biggest improvement needed is the driver and not the equipment.
      Jim Perrin
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        We've had pretty good luck with a completely stock suspension in the MF Civic, except for KYB AGX struts. Soft, compliant suspension is a good thing in RallyCross.
        That guy from Alaska


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          Thanks for the feedback guys!