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Clarifications requested for 2023 Modified class rules

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  • Clarifications requested for 2023 Modified class rules

    Section 3.3.E.8 states "Structure of the passenger compartment, as defined by vehicle pillars, frame rails, front bulkhead, floor pan, and the inner and outer roof structure, must be unmodified except for installation of suspension mounts, and fluid lines/hoses/vessels as permitted in 3.3.E.9." My question is: is seam welding in these areas allowed? It was in the past.

    Same section as above, the question is: are rust holes allowed? Are repairs to rust holes with non-stock parts, such as Bondo or fiberglass, allowed to the floor pans?

    Same section as above, can I cover up holes with sheet metal screwed or riveted in place?

    Section 3.3.E.13,c states: "Doors must latch securely and door latch must be operable by a self-returning mechanism on both the inside and outside of the door". Does this apply to passenger doors when no passenger seat is present?

    Section 3.3.E.16 allows modification of quarter panels. Where does the C pillar end and the quarter panel begin?

    Does Section 3.3.E.26 allow for the exhaust to exit the body work AHEAD of the driver? This wasn't allowed in the past.

    Does Section 3.3.E.28 allow a fuel cell and/or fuel pump to be placed inside the passenger compartment?

    Is the rear strut tower, which is half in front of the rear axle centerline, allowed to be modified? BY this I mean raise the height of the tower by a couple of inches.

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    Bob you ask good questions. You should send these directly to the RXB to get an answer. When I was the chairman, I logged every request. I'm not sure who's doing what anymore. I'll attempt to answer some of these as I was involved with writing these. But I'm no longer on the RXB so I can't give you an official answer.

    Section 3.3.E.8 says unmodified. So the short answer is no. I don't recall addressing seam welding when we were working on these rules. We were primarily addressing folks removing material from the passenger compartment. I think wording could be added to specifically allow seam welding.

    Regarding rust. We talked about and wrote rules specifically addressing it. In the end we went with the wording specified in 3.3.E.8. Prior to this wording we used words like "structural strength must not be reduced," "structural integrity must not be compromised," "must not exhibit excessive rust," and other variants. Rust holes need to be fixed properly - which means no bondo or fiberglass.

    Section 3.3.E.13 specifies that if a passenger seat is present, the rules in the list must be met.

    Section 3.3.E.16 regarding C-pillars and quarter panels. We didn't discuss this in particular but the thinking is that the A, B, and C pillars are intended to support the vehicle in case it needs to support the vehicle if it is upside down.

    Section 3.3.E.26 you read that correctly.

    Section 3.3.E.28. Rule 3.3.E.27 answers your question.

    If the rear strut tower is modified and it is half in and half out of the restricted area, that would not be legal.‚Äč

    Charles Wright
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      Bob, send an email to the RXB. I'm tracking rules requests this year and that is the best way to get an official answer.
      Christian Retterer
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