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Proposed Rules Changes for 2022

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  • Proposed Rules Changes for 2022

    3.3 – C. Stock Category

    Consider reclassifying Electronic Vehicles to preserve low-cost competition in this category.

    G. UTV/Allowances

    12. All applicable Prepared category modifications are allowed, unless overridden by preparation requirements contained within this section.

    Consider allowing engine modification to normally aspirated twin cylinder UTVs. Horsepower ratings for Can Am, Honda, Polaris, and Kawasaki twins range from 100 to 113 hp. Yamaha and Artic Cat three-cylinder engines are thought to have 130+ hp. Stock Polaris, Can Am and Yamaha turbo engines range from 144 to 200 horsepower.

    This proposal allows lesser cost/older UTVs to be competitive with newer/more expensive cars without adding another class.

    16. Any mass-produced tire marketed for UTV or automotive use is allowed unless restrictions are specified in supplemental regulations by the event organizers. Tires with diameters similar to those used in automobiles (26” or less) are recommended. If the Event Chairman determines at his discretion that a vehicle’s tires are excessively detrimental to the course surface, the tires may be excluded. Bead lock wheels are recommended.

    Consider limiting tread depth/lug spacing for participant guidance and remove the need for Event Chair approval.

    G. UTV/Requirements

    11. Maximum ground clearance measured at the base of the frame rails at both the front and rear of the vehicle is equal to one half of the diameter of the tires fitted to the vehicle. It is strongly recommended that the vehicle be lowered to the greatest extent possible.

    UTV tires are sold in diameters from 25” through 32”. Consider limiting tire diameter to reduce the rollover hazard.

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    As a longtime competitor, I am amused at the idea that Stock is the "low cost" class. You are not allowed to perform any repairs expediently or make any upgrades to prevent recurring expenses. If you eat a suspension component at every event, or kill an engine at nearly every event due to oil starvation because of a cruddy oil pan design, that's just going to be a running expense. Converter failed on your car? Can't buy a $200 aftermarket unit, have to buy a $3000 dealer item.

    This has been the main reason why I see people leave Stock: to save money.
    '84 RX-7 #9 Mod Rear
    '81 RX-7 #74 Prepared Rear
    '06 S60R #588
    '86 Quantum Syncro #34 Mod AWD