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How is rule 3.2.F enforced?

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  • How is rule 3.2.F enforced?

    I am specifically looking at the second half of the rule.

    Tires offered for two, three or four wheeled motorbikes are not allowed. This includes motocross, dual‐ sport and ATV tires that are not designed to withstand cornering side‐loads that can be generated by an automobile of substantially higher curb weight.

    It is add odds with Prepared Category rule 3.D.4.10

    Any tire is allowed except home-built studded tires

    On an average event, I am going to go through tech on gravel tires and switch to mud tires if things get wet. My gravel tires were originally built for cars and would not be flagged for this rule. My mud tires might.

    Here are my questions
    1. Do I need to bring all tires that I will potentially run in a national level event to tech inspection? This seems pretty reasonable but I haven't seen it done before. Maybe I am not paying enough attention.
    2. If a competitor sees a dubious tire, what is their course of action? You can talk to a safety steward at any time so maybe this is a moot point. Are you allowed to protest a tire based on this rule or are protests limited to the class rules in 3.A through 3.D?
    3. If I get flagged for a tire, what paperwork do I need to bring to prove that a tire is safe? ATV tires have ply ratings that correspond to weight but I haven't found any rating to say what kind of side loads they can handle. Cross kart tires have a speed rating and they are designed to support a ~1000lb vehicle. I haven't been able to find a rating that could prove they would work for a specific car.

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    All the rules in 3.2 are mandatory. Rules in 3.3.D are not mandatory. If there is something going on with a car that was not disclosed or discoverable in class inspection, a car can be protested afterwards per 5.3.E

    I'll give a go at answering your questions:
    1. Might be a good idea but you're right, it is not common to do.
    2. If the tires were not disclosed prior to the event, then an inquiry or a protest can be filed per 5.3.
    3.. The documentation has nothing to do about being safe. The documentation has to prove that it meets the rules. For example if there are ATV tires that have a 1000# load rating, they're still illegal because rule 3.2.F clearly spells them out is being not eligible. Cross Kart tires are not specifically address as being not eligible, so they meet 3.3.D.10.
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