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  • Steerig Wheel change

    So for STOCK class car there is the rule
    5. Dress-up and convenience items which do not give a performance advantage, reduce the weight of the car or weigh less than the replaced standard part they are replacing are allowed (i.e. shift knobs, pedal covers).

    Would the steering wheel be one of these items????

    I have a 95 civic 2wd stock and the steering wheel is in pretty bad shape. Replacing it with a factory wheel is not possible since it is well a 23 year car. If I replace it with a steering wheel of the same size, shape ,and weight could I still run in the Stock class??

    I don't really want to run in the mod class because of a changed steering

    Any in put would be great.


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    Well you wouldn't have to go all the way to Mod. Prepared rule 3.3.D.23 allows you to change your steering wheel. But I get your point. You don't want to change classes over this relatively minor point. I'm not sure if the rule you pointed out applies to steering wheels though. I don't think there is a section in the RX rules that addresses obsolete parts either.

    Before tossing out the old wheel, I'd look into recovering it or finding a good used one.
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      Yeah my plan was to athletic tape the grip back together. I was just hoping may be it could fall under the dress-up and convenience items rule. I don't think that the Stock 2wd Turbo Focuses that run are going to have to worry about me ever beating them, but its not fun when people start not following the rules.

      Thanks for the input