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QUestion about subframe mod

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  • QUestion about subframe mod

    Hello all. New to this, so bear with me.
    My son is interested in Rally Cross, modified class. I am helping with the build on his 89 CRX. We are installing a T4 kit and the down pipe has a clearance issue with the front cross member.
    My incliniation is to cut a relief area in the cross member, it would be just a corner of the :tube: so to speak to allow the pipe's elbow to move forward and rest in that relief area.
    My son said he was worried that would violate a frame modification rule.
    However, I read the rally cross rulebook, and I dont see where that would be a problem.
    Can anyone tell me for sure if cutting a relief for the pipe would disqualify his car?
    Thanks in advance!

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    There are no frame modification rules that don't involve the cabin area.


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      From my work on the VW pickup in mod class, while in construction I asked the RXB and others about modifications in the bed area as all the old frame rails were rusted away. I had to install all new rear suspension with new attachment points where there would be nothing from the factory to connect to so I built a tube framework. I did not need the old rails for anything and they were only stamped sheet metal for the bed floor. The return answer was that I could modify the rails but not remove them. So, I re-fabricated original rails from the same thickness sheet metal as well as dimensions. I had to notch both the rear channels for shock clearance and also the front rails for tire clearance (at full lock) when I used the studded tires. In both cases, I re-boxed the frame sections to retain integrity and strength. The main concern is to retain the strength and not weaken the structure. This is a common practice in street rod fabrication where drop kits require frame mods.