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    Originally posted by FooBag View Post

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't a high octane fuel allow an older car with a distributor and no electronic timing control to advance their timing to gain enough HP to be significant? An example of this would be the Ford Escort GT. We switched to running premium and advancing the timing until it was just shy of knocking. There seemed to be a definite seat of the pants increase in power. I don't know if there is a limit to how much you can gain this way though.

    I support banning anything higher octane than 93 or 94 (does Sunoco still offer this out east?) in stock and prepared.
    Sunoco stopped offering 94 around here maybe 5-6 years ago. I still miss how good it smelled.

    Adding timing doesn't automatically mean more power. There is a ignition timing for best power. Some engines are knock limited and some are not. What IS a benefit is if you're running 240 degrees coolant temp because you are making back to back runs in August (nobody else is crazy enough to go to a rallycross in August, so the wait in grid is nonexistent*) and you aren't allowed a radiator upgrade. So maybe the higher octane fuel will guard you from detonating the engine to death, especially with a turbo engine. (Local WRX tuner guy has a license plate that says RNGLNDS )

    Just layin' out there a justifiable case for running 100 unleaded, which is not heoiically difficult to find at a pump. If you're near a dragstrip, or an ORV park, you're bound to find some. Heck, the Valero by WOR's old site had 100 unleaded and the only racing in the vicinity was a drag strip about a half hour away.

    (*) According to GoPro timestamps, at one super hot rallycross a few years ago, I was starting 60-70 second runs every four minutes or so. How's that for a test of your cooling system. Not even enough time to hop out of the car and get a drink of water before it's time to go back up to the starting line. I think we did 20 runs total that day.
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      Modern cars are smart enough to adjust for fuel grade because the computer can sense how close the engine is to knock/detonation. As pointed out by others prepared class can definitely make use of high octane, and there are cases where some stock class cars could too. Maybe limit stock class to 93 octane or less to prevent unfair advantage from competitors importing fuel at national level events, but leave prepared alone.


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        Convertible factory hardtops should be able to be replaced by a predetermined style rollbar hoop that isn't homemade. Fiberglass tops offer no more or less protection than a steel hoop does.


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          Went to Nationals for the first time last year and loved it. But felt two things would make it better. And, possibly two new classes just for National events only?

          1) This was brought up at the town hall and I think it should still be discussed. But, why not let people who are non-competitors ride along like at local events. Many competitors have family and and friends who crew that travel a long distance and a simple ride along on a run can make it all worth it! I understand that since the course is ever changing that letting other drivers ride along would give them an advantage. Those that ride along could sign up early in the morning and get a different color wristband on their right hand to show they are a non-driver. This, also, I feel helps rallycross stay more in line with stage rally having a 'co-driver.'

          2) For national events, class inspections can be a bit of an awkward situation especially for newbies. No one wants to be known as the rule stickler, but the modification rules are there for a reason. Can there not be a box where competitors can fill out anonymous concerns about a fellow competitor's vehicle on a piece of paper to put in the box. Then, as part of work assignments, assign 2 certified master mechanics from Mod class that are in different regions to look over concerns and determine if it needs to be addressed by the rallycross committee for a class change. The inspection box and assigned inspectors would continue to be in place over the weekend should a competitor add or remove something during the event. It would be a middle man/unbiased approach to something that is difficult to confront.

          3) SAT Class and MAT class. Stock All-wheel drive Turbo, and Modified All-Wheel drive Turbo. I know how everyone feels about adding classes and becoming like autocross. But, obviously, all-wheel drive gives you lots of grip. So, most of the time, a good driver in a turbo car will always win against good drivers in non-turbo cars. Not the case in 2wd classes where the limiting factor is skill. Look at Nationals results, all trophy winners in AWD classes went to turbo'd cars... This class differentiation might only be used at National events or when all wheel drive class is pretty crowded?

          Other than that, I love the simplicity of the rules and how much fun rallycross has been since I started racing 4 years ago! I plan to do this for a long long time!
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            1, The current thought is that with a co-driver you could have an instructor with you that helps the driver be better. From personal experience I know that I am actually faster when I have an instructor with me telling me when to brake and throttle up. Just something to think about.

            2. Interesting thought. I wonder how many more inquiries there would be.

            3. It is only turbo or any power adder? In mod you could build a very powerful naturally aspirated car or a supercharged car. I can somewhat understand the stock argument but in mod with no limit on drivetrain I don't see the advantage being specifically turbo based. IMHO turbos are common in most of the competitive cars but I also do not believe anyone has built a car to the maximum extend of the rules yet. In stock even in front and rear wheel drive you have the same potential issues with power adders.
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              Allow aftermarket hardtops for Miatas. The old oem tops are getting harder to find (pricier too) and I can't believe most aftermarket ones are any less safe. Possibly even have a list of approved tops.

              I just had to turn away an NC owner with an aftermarket top the other day.
              Max Lawson
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                Having had several Miatas as well as OEM hardtops, I can't believe we allow the factory hardware. The latches may have been fine when new buy after they get some wear, they do good to stay latched. We ought to require the tops to be bolted in place.
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                  Would you guys be ok with *any* hard top, but also requiring a minimal roll bar?
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                    Proposed update to D.22 to include power steering coolers

                    Power steering fluid can heat up and expand during competition causing an over-pressurization of the system resulting in leaks, failures, and potential fire hazards. A simple finned cooler could serve to combat this problem and lines up with allowing coolers for other engine fluid systems already allowed.

                    22. Oil cooling radiators for engine, transmission, differentials, or power steering system; may be added, modified, or replaced with alternate parts providing they and their installation serve no other purpose, and subject to the following restrictions...

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Oil catch cans, which are not really a performance improving item, are prohibited from stock class. This seems like it would be a fair allowance for stock class from a reliability and "gunking up the engine less" perspective.


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                        Consider rewording 3.3.E.3.a "The shape of the body must remain recognizable as that of the manufacturer’s make and model." to allow Ute conversions.

                        Add: "Ute conversions are permissible."
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                          Tastefully done ute conversions are nice and fun too. I would like to see them allowed.


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                            isn't your truck a ute? Tastefully done should not be put in rules as it is subjective. Utes yes.


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                              Suggested rules typo adjustments:

                              Article 3 contains two sections 3.2. Vehicle Classification should be changed to 3.3

                              And I just spotted myself in what should be 3.3, in section 3.3.E.3.i, the wing allowance... (Submitted by Kent Hamilton). Does that mean only wings submitted by me are allowed? Shipping to and from Alaska sucks, so that part should probably be removed.

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                                Prepare rules
                                13. Wheels are unrestricted.

                                Allowing extended wheel studs for the prepared classes.

                                It would make it easier to use aftermarket rims or rims other than OEM factory rims.
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