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Intake manifold swap in prepared

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  • Intake manifold swap in prepared

    Anyone have any idea on the rules around intake manifold swap? The rules arn't very clear on if we can change out the manifold in prepared?

    I know the rules say we can change stuff from the throttle body back with different material but nothing about swapping a manifold.
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    Rule 3.3.D.5 reads in part "The intake system upstream from the throttle body may be replaced with any material." This does not refer to the intake manifold. This refers to cold air intakes and such.

    If your car is equipped with a carburetor, rule 3.3.D.14 clearly allows manifold changes.
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      As you read through the rules, remember that they are a list of allowed modifications. If the modification you have in mind isn't clearly allowed, then it's probably not legal.
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        Intake manifold is permissible to be changed on vehicles originally equipped with a carburetor, in Prepared. ("Any carburetor and intake manifold may be used.")