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  • RallyVan Checking In!

    Hey everyone!

    I just started running RallyCross this summer, I have three events under my belt so far. I absolutely love doing these events. Little bit about me: Grew up in Chicago, went to school in Michigan, worked at Chrysler for three years outside of Detroit, now I'm with Ford down in Cleveland area. Zero racing experience prior to starting RallyCross. But love all things automotive.

    I race my daily driver: 2016 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van. Yep, I race a van. There was a lot of suspicions when I first entered, but since the cargo area is empty, most of the weight is lower to the ground. It is also exactly tall as it is wide. The van loves being thrown around turns. Lift oversteer is easy to do thanks to the minimal weight out back.

    Can't wait to get to know more people in the scene!

    I like to record as much as I can when I compete. I added a link of the most recent event. This includes dash footage, in van footage, and a few videos graciously shot with a phone. Enjoy!