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  • Hello!

    Hello there! I'm new to the forums. I'd like to check out some rally cross events, and eventually participate. I live in Owosso Michigan, which is in between Flint and Lansing. I joined up to see if there were any near by, and if it was possible to be a spectator there.

    Long story not short, I dont have any racing experience when it comes to driving. I was going to race at the local circle track, but the engine blew up, and the car sold. (Mom was supposed to drive, she got scared, Uncle was next in line for drivers, he forgot to shift is the consensus, and blew the engine apart) That was when I was 18, fresh out of high school and starting into college. I never got the chance to race, and want to try something out. I'd like to go watch first, but I'm not sure where there is any, and if spectators are allowed to come watch.

    I went to college for Diesel Service Technology, aka to be a diesel mechanic. I graduated with an associate's degree, and my state licenses for quite a few different areas (I'm missing HD Gas to be a state "master HD mechanic" but I have 3 auto certs on the license as well). I currently work however at a drinking water filtration plant, as the position opened up with a much greater pay and benefits from where I was working at the time. so I'm here and licensed for that as well.

    As far as getting into racing rallycross, I've done a bit of looking into it, and get the jist of it. I would like to go check it out before I jump in though. I think I'd be interested in the stock class, but the car would probably be dedicated anyways. I have an 06 Dodge Stratus that sits in the driveway. it might not be good for rallycross, but I plan on selling it for something else, if it would just be too horrible for the sport. It is my current "daily driver" but it really just sits there, as the wife and I traded my old truck in to get an Equinox, and we share it now, since I work thirds. I take the Stratus if I need to go anywhere during the day when she's at work. I plan to buy a truck and will it sit as a spare car, so I figured I could sell it and get something else for the sport, but keep it also street-able for saving on gas. tow it to and from races in case it breaks, but fix it and run it on road in the meantime, if I dont want to take the truck.

    Anyways, thanks for having me here on the forums. I look forward to finding out more about the sport and potentially going to watch and learn, and then maybe even joining in on the fun.
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    Howdy! I believe the closest active region to you is Detroit Region -

    Honestly, I'd suggest that you just bring the Stratus (or whatever car) out to a race and learn about it while doing! The rallycross group is very friendly and loves to help out new people joining in. There's no better way to learn than by just doing.


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      I'm not sure about racing the Stratus, it's possibly going to be sold to a family member in need of a vehicle, since it has had a lot of work done. The plan is for me to buy a daily driver, sell them the Stratus, and use those funds for a car I can tow down there. I suppose I'd need a trailer too. I figured I'd get something stock and race it a bit for that class and eventually move up with the car.

      I'm not sure how an automatic car would do, are they common? I have never owned a manual, and haven't driven many to say I'm an expert. That's also the reason for getting a spare car that would be for racing, so I can actually have some time in a manual car to feel confident enough to drive a stick. I've always taken the chance to drive one when I can, but it's a rarity that I get to. The first vehicle I ever gotinto drive that was a stick was a 20 speed Kenworth.

      I see there is an event September 28th. I'd like to go watch if that's possible. Are spectators a common thing at these?