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    Hi. I just recently joined the SCCA Cincinnati Ohio group, mainly for RallyCross but also some AutoCross for the sake of seat time. My long term goal is to move into Stage Rally and I'm looking for all of the useful info and resources I can find. I bought a used 2003 Ford Focus SVT solely to race and I am in the process of getting it ready for such an endeavor. I fully understand that it's going to take a fair amount of time in the local/regional RallyX circuit and possibly doing some RallySprint if that is still a thing (don't see a lot of info and the forum posts are old).

    So I was hoping someone might be able to direct me to some forums, groups, etc. that might be of some use. I've spent countless hours as of late trying to get an armchair education via YouTube, thanks to Team O'Neal Racing and whatever else I can gleam from WRC videos and enthusiasts. I know that all of that pales in comparison to a real driving instructor and seat time but given the weather I'm doing what I can for now.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Welcome to our dirty world.

    Here is everything I know about RallyCross (if that helps):


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      AWESOME. Thanks for the link. Looks like I've got some work to do organizing, so I've already asked around about getting my RXSS (thanks to your article). Much obliged.