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  • Howdy

    New guy here
    I've done 2 RallyX events in my 95 Impreza. It's a real POS, but very fun. I bought the car from someone who put in a bit of work in it and had raced it before, but it was very tired and beat. New wheel bearings all around, new suspension, and fixed a bunch of stuff. Next up is wheels and some proper tires. Summer street tires really suck LOL. Been having fun with the Middle Georgia Region. I am slow but trying to learn and have some fun. If anyone is bored and would like to see the progress of the car is my website and it has some picks and a quick write up.

    Dec 3rd is the next event I plan to go to for the Atlanta Region.


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    That is a great platform for RallyCross because of the parts availability, new and secondhand both.

    Just like autocross, tires are the best upgrade. You'll have a lot of fun with snow tires or rally tires.


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      Welcome, from the other end of the continent!
      That guy from Alaska


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        The best add on is tires. If you are running Stock, The Winterforce snows are the most popular. Cheap but good performers. Perhaps I'll see you next year on a run over there. We've got one more Dec 10th at Hollytree in Alabama. Ask around, it's smooth and fast. Chris R has been here a number of times.