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Colorado RallyCross Event #4 - The Dust and The Dust

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  • Colorado RallyCross Event #4 - The Dust and The Dust

    It was on Sunday, May 27th when a mighty gaggle of RallyCrossers descended upon the United States Truck Driving School (USTDS) for event #4 of the Colorado RallyCross 2018 season. The morning was cool but the temperatures rapidly rose with the sun. The newly resurfaced dirt allowed for the north and south lots to be joined together which we utilized for a larger course. After all 61 participants had checked in and suffered the mandatory drivers meeting the prepared 2WD (P2), modified 2WD (M2), and modified AWD (MA) class drivers jumped in their cars while the stock 2WD (S2), stock AWD (SA), and prepared AWD (PA) class drivers scurried to their work assignments. A damaged timing cable had half the first run group receiving reruns which impacted the number of runs allowed but in the end all drivers got in three long runs averaging over 80 seconds each. Fortunately the second run group went smoothly before lunch was called and then served.

    As the event was held over Memorial Day weekend it felt appropriate to BBQ meats for everyone and so we did. Two grills were utilized to char said meats and several yummy sides were provided by generous racers. The line was long but there was food aplenty. Remarkably no one was (seriously) burned and we somehow were more-or-less back to racing by 1:30 (possibly the biggest win of the day).

    Dust. Did I mention dust yet? Oh we had it in spades. The wind began to pick up after lunch and the dust was in everyone’s business. The afternoon course was essentially the same as the morning course albeit reversed (the USTDS’ surface holds up better than most) and we managed to squeeze out four more runs for each run group before calling it a day. While the number of runs given was only seven the longer course had the average driver getting around nine minutes of tire-shredding drive-time.

    The filthy creatures who stuck around after the final cone was picked up attended the reading of the results and awarding of the trophies.


    SA – Sean Travers walloped the class and took his first win of the season in his 2002 Impreza with Eileen Bollig sliding into a solid second place in a 2017 WRX.
    S2 – Will Geyer still isn’t messing around and showed it by getting first place again in the class in his 2001 GTI over Jacob Thom in his 2010 Golf.
    PA – In an intergenerational battle of Subaru RSs Joe Lavelle snatched the top spot (his first of the season) in his GD RS over Brian Coss in his GC RS. Bug-eye for the win!
    P2 – With consistent and clean runs Davis Kali won the class in his 2007 Focus over Jason Lang in his 2002 Civic.
    MA – Returning to terrorize the class Dan Quiet neatly navigated the cones to victory in his 1992 Legacy (with an enlarged heart) over Susan Lawson in her Evo IX and the rest of the ginormous class of 17 drivers.
    M2 – In a class full of unfortunate mechanical woes Bret Hunter’s driving and 1990 CRX’s gremlins overcame Jonathon Nagel’s driving and 1991 Legacy’s gremlins to take his first win of the season.
    X – Will MacDonald bested all of the other drivers in the fledgling X class while piloting his heavy 1993 Volvo. Max could not overcome the pain of cones and other mistakes and managed second place (no excuse, heck, I designed the dang course).

    Many thanks to the chiefs (Jeff Freedman – Tech, Eric Genack – Registration, Jonathon Nagel – Novice, Eric Adams – Course and Workers, Susan Lawson – Timing & Scoring, Todd Briley – Series Chair) and non-chiefs (Melissa Sherowski, Valerie Briley, Cody Melius, Bret Hunter, Ryan Sealey, Josh Karczewski, among others) who helped put on the event. I know several folks worked double and triple-duty and you have my thanks for your efforts! Also thanks to those who brought sides for lunch!

    Tragedy stuck Anthony Malec’s WRX via catastrophic motor failure in the afternoon. Hopefully his sacrifice to the RallyCross gods is enough to slake their thirst for metal-flecked motor oil and serves to carry the rest of us through the remainder of the season with our engines intact.

    Photo credit to Brent Murphy at
    Max Lawson
    2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR
    National Champion 2015 PA
    2nd Place 2016 MA