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The perfect RallyCross venue?

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  • The perfect RallyCross venue?

    Hello everyone!

    I stumbled upon this forum while reading the RallyCross Field Guide. My name is Travis McMillian. My wife, son, and I own and operate Deyeme Racing ( ), and autocross regularly. We recently purchased 50 acres of land, with the intent of creating a venue for Solo and RallyX, driver ed., and other purposes. We just started hosting the local SCCA Region's RallyCross program last year, and will be hosting them again this season. Our site is still pretty bare, and it's going to be a few years before we have financing for paving the autocross lot, so our focus right now is on "the little things" like a decent gravel road to the RallyX site, and small amenities for hosting these events.

    I thought it would be a good idea to get some input on what others look for in a good site, and what you've found that makes a site not-so-good. It can be anything - changes in the makeup of the ground, elevation changes, site shape, distance to hotel and restaurants, on-site amenities (bathrooms, vending, etc.). ANYTHING you can think of. What's your dream RallyCross site? Describe it in every imaginable way, no matter how outlandish (short of ramps for jumping and moon gravity, lol).

    I'll try to check back in every so-often.

    The location of our site is in the St. Louis Region, about 45 mi. NW of St. Louis MO.
    Switch to sat. view, and you can see old courses run in the east and middle fields. RallyX now runs in the west field, what we're calling The Back Yard.,17z

    Here are a couple news stories about the site:

    When faced with an obstacle, you can give up – or you can think outside the (Chicago) box. The latter is precisely what St. Louis Region and member...


    Deyeme Racing