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Stock car has only Soft top

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  • Stock car has only Soft top

    Good evening!

    My Suzuki Samurai only came in two models, Soft top and hard top. Reading the rules there is no mention of soft tops. Only targas, T tops etc. it has basic roll bar protection as made in the factory. Does it qualify for rally cross with the soft top installed or does it need an additional cage fabricated to comply with the rules. Additionally it will be turbocharged so I believe it only qualifies for modified class. Thanks in advance!

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    Convertibles running in the non-constructers class require an OEM hard top. The Samurai didn't have that as an option, iirc.

    In the constructors class, you need a proper roll cage that conforms to at least SCCA road racing GCR rules. The oem "roll bar" will not suffice.

    I, personally, would not allow a Samurai to run at any of my events, due to the increased rollover risk. Not unless it was properly lowered, and even then, I'd be hesitant.
    Jim Perrin
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      Lol, consumer reports at it again. Thanks for the response.



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        It has nothing to do with Consumer Reports. Rather, it has everything to do with it being taller than it is wide, with a short wheelbase. The nature of the sport leads to situations where rollovers are an increased risk. We must take every precaution reasonable to ensure that it doesn't happen. One of those precautions is not allowing anything that's taller than wide, plus taking into consideration other factors for each vehicle.
        Jim Perrin
        WNY Region
        NEDIV RX Steward


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          Well schucks, guess I'll relearn my dirt slides on real roads, like I did 50 odd years back.


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            How rutted or grippy are dirt roads and how tight are the corners?

            I liken a common corner setup to be to drive 30mph down a side street and turn into someone's driveway without touching the grass on either side.

            We keep things safe to where rollovers are uncommon enough that they are notable events, but such low vehicles as Toyota MR2s and Honda CRXs have rolled

            This is why the UTV and Constructors' classes have strict height/track width rules, and I foresee it coming to Mod as well. Many regions also forbid truck based vehicles, even if lowered, for safety reasons. (Rule 3.1 applies: the Event Chairman after consultation with the Event Safety Steward may exclude any vehicle that they determine cannot safely navigate the course)
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