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  • looking to rally

    I know its a bad time to get started but I am hoping that when all this is over that I can start doing some rally. I've always been a big fan but I honestly did not know much about non-professional events, now that I've had a lot of time at home have been able to do more research and have watched a ton of SCCA rallys on youtube and am in love! I've been looking online for cheapish cars to get that I could work on down the line if need be but just general stuff that I could do some stock rallycross with and I was looking at a decently priced salvage honda fit that i feel would be good. Is that a good idea to buy? I have a daily driver so this would be mainly a rallycross car, eventually might make modifications but I just want to get a start before any of that. What do yall think? Thanks for any responses.

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    Where are you located? We can get you in contact with someone closest but that's the starting point.