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  • Abarth Convertible?

    Hey guys new on here not exactly where to post this. The wife and I are looking into Rallycross and looking at cars. I’m going to look at a Fiat 500 Abarth but it is a convertible. Are there changes that I would have to make to the car to compete or could I compete in it at all. It’s a very strange convertible so I wasn’t sure.

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    The Fiat 500 Abarth has been successfully RallyCrossed. Convertibles are required to use the OEM hardtop. However the 500 Abarth convertible is basically a windshield to trunk cloth sunroof. It's going to cause questions and some safety stewards are probably not going to allow it. I'd be inclined to not allow it in my region events.
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      That is an interesting question. I'd submit it to the RXB (email the question to [email protected]) for a formal ruling. The rules chair happens to run a hard top 500, so he's perfectly positioned to recommend an approach.

      On consideration, I'd think that they would disallow it. The primary intent of the rule, I assume, is occupant retention (hands in the ride at all times), and despite the roof rails being present, the cloth panel could conceivably open or flex in a way that during a rollover situation an occupant's arm could extend past the rail and be crushed.

      Oh - and welcome aboard! You're going to have a ton of fun.