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DirtFish SCCA National Championship 2018 - Who Will Win?

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  • DirtFish SCCA National Championship 2018 - Who Will Win?

    Now that the National Championship is full up and we know who is attending who do you think will win? There is so much talent that picking one person to win is ridiculously tough. All I know is looking at the competition this year in each class there should be some really great battles for the top spots. Good luck to all competitors.

    In PA where I am running I think Mark Hill, Shane Blankenship, Cliff Kangas and Harold Denham are all extremely fast. It will be extremely tough to beat any of these guys. I am thinking Mark Hill is the guy to beat this year.

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    Mark Macoubrie
    Kansas City Region
    2005 STI 41 PA

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    Surprisingly low turnout from the Colorado area. Ryan Dussex is going to be hard to beat in PR...

    MR could be in for a surprise as the car and driver that were runner up in PR in 2016 are back, this time with v6 power...

    personally, I’m disappointed there aren’t more entries in the Constructors classes
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      Oh oh me me me!

      I predict me to win MA this year.

      Then again, I always do.

      I second Ryan Dussex for PR. He has come a long way this season and I was glad to see him sign up for nats.

      If his car survives I think Bret Hunter will take another MF win.

      SF - I'm hoping for Kieth but Don is always so dang fast.

      SR - hopefully the 350Z because that would be cool

      SA - after getting his first win last year I think a more relaxed ZB will do it again

      PF - roll the dice on this class. I think four or five drivers have a shot

      PA - 99% chance the winner will be named "Mark", 50/50 it'll be a Subaru or Mitsubishi.

      MR - Brianne

      Constructor - Jim only because I always root for the codriver.
      Max Lawson
      2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR
      National Champion 2015 PA
      2nd Place 2016 MA