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European Style Rallycross in Western NY

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  • European Style Rallycross in Western NY

    I'm really just trying to check if there is any interest in something like this? I was thinking about approaching the local dirt tracks in the area to see if they would be interested in adding some course to their infield and using a part of the oval to start a rallycross style class to run with their normal weekend show. It wouldn't be traditional European style but more like a mini stock class that turns right and left. Same rules as the tracks current ministock/4cyl class safety wise and basic rules to keep the class affordable. You would need a full cage, belts, fire suit, etc. and the car wouldn't have any glass or lights. Probably no joker lap and obviously I would have to set up some basic rules for mods and what not to keep cost down. I just want to know if its worth persuing. I've been racing dirt track for years and with dwindling car counts now is probably the best time to try and start a new class like this. Let me know what you guys think and if your from the Rochester/Buffalo NY area let me know if you would build a car if I got a track on board.