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Managing RXSS expirations?

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  • Managing RXSS expirations?

    I've emailed Deena about getting an updated list of RXSS expirations a couple of times in the last months without a response. I know it's probably pretty crazy at the national office with all the sanction requests and new Solo youth steward certification requirements from the insurers.

    A revolving update of who has RXSS endorsements and for how long would be very useful to regions in our division. Someone brought it up to me today that their membership card/hardcard expiration date doesn't necessarily indicate ultimate RXSS expiration date.

    I discovered at our divisional convention this weekend that the Solo program manages their SSS renewal process via profile. Maybe we could brainstorm some ways to use web resources to help us manage our RXSS resources. Additional visibility would help a lot.

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    Is there any way to get visibility of who is a RXSS and when the endorsement expires?


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      Have you tried to contact your RE or Region Membership chair? As RE, I can access my region's membership lists on and one of the columns contains a list of licenses with expiration dates. This would only work within your Region, which is fine for us in AK but not as useful for you with several other neighboring regions.

      As for public visibility, that would be an issue for National and I don't think they publish them. If any of the other licenses are public knowledge, I wouldn't know where to find them.
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        Originally posted by JimR View Post
        Is there any way to get visibility of who is a RXSS and when the endorsement expires?
        This have been solved. The National Office will provide the Divisional Stewards a list quarterly.
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        Kansas City Region
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