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Contest: Help Us Name the Open Class!

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  • Contest: Help Us Name the Open Class!

    Contest: Help Us Name the Open Class!

    A ton of time went into developing a class that opened RallyCross up to competitors with four-wheeled vehicles altered in excess of the Modified Class allowances. Dune buggies, sand rails, tube
    frame/chassis vehicles, kit cars and similar types of custom-built vehicles would all fall into this category. Some call it the Open Class and others call it Class Ten (X) but none of those names really do it justice so we are opening it up to you!

    Get involved and submit an idea for a new class name. If your class name is chosen, you will receive one year of your SCCA membership for free. The bragging rights are priceless.

    Things to keep in mind:
    • Fit the mold: You know the classes we have now - Stock Front, Prepared Rear, etc. Your name should fit right in with the group.
    • Class abbreviations: We all use nicknames and acronyms for the classes so make sure the shorthand works. (An 'O' may look like a zero, a 'i' could be mistaken for a 1, ect)
    • Peruse the rules so your name fits:
    Brian Harmer
    SCCA Rally/Solo Program Manager
    “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Class A like buggys and off road bad boys.
    Class B for built at home (hmm B4 what?)
    Class C for Custom (C4 sounds explosive but I like it for some reason)
    Class D for Designer vehicles
    Class E for Extra, yeah that's the ticket
    Class F for Fabricated
    Class G for Godzilla or maybe it's garbage
    Class H for Hand Built
    Class I - oh that 1 is already an 1ssue
    Class J for Jacked, janky, jalopnik OK forget J
    Class K for King (Kong)
    Class L for "lightened"
    Class M- USED
    Class N for New (it's a NEW class right?) edit: this precludes ever adding to our classes with ANOTHER new class.!!!!!
    Class O- kind of like the pr0blem with i
    Class P - USED
    Class Q? No Nobody wants a Q on their car
    Class R for Random recreational racer
    Class S - USED
    Class T for Top, not touring
    Class U for Unlimited but then U2?
    Class V for the roman numeral 5 which is more than 4
    Class W for What the ---- is that? or wow
    Class X already mentioned
    Class Y for our favorite Y Chromosome and then we get Y4?
    Class Z cause it's the last possible choice but we have to rule out BMW Z4's because racecar
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      I was thinking of:

      R for Rally, or maybe RC specifically for RallyCross, as this class and these cars are our own creation
      U for Unlimited, but also saw that U2 may be a problem
      N for New is too easy, and what happens if we create another new class in the future?
      E should be saved in case we make Electric cars their own class in the future
      X for eXtreme or eXperimental

      all that said, I am okay with O for open


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        Real funny Leon, so you get credit for any submission since you made a class designation with the alphabet, hahaha.

        I think the word "Bespoke" fits perfectly for the concept of this class.

        First iterations of classes B2 and B4. With time BF, BR, BA should fit the requirements.



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          ROCC = RallyCross Outlaw Constructor Class
          RACC = RallyCross Advanced Constructor Class
          RECCE = RallyCross Enhanced Constructor Class
          RECCE = RallyCross Extreme Constructor Chassis & Engine

          For two letter we could with

          AB = Advanced Builders
          AC = Advanced Constructors
          OB = Outlaw Builders
          OC = Outlaw Constructors
          BT = Builders 2WD
          BA = Builders 4WD
          CT = Constructors 2WD
          CA = Constructors 4WD

          If you wanted to call the class RECCE, ROCC etc you could also go with

          RT = RECCE 2WD
          RA = RECCE 4WD
          Mark Macoubrie
          Kansas City Region
          2005 STI 41 PA


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            DNF sounds like an appropriate class name for a builders class....
            Jim Perrin
            WNY Region
            NEDIV RX Steward


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              DNF? What about rear wheel drive cars? And DNA for the all wheel drives?...

              If you want to get all tongue and cheek, how about TNT for The New Two wheel drive and TNA for The New All wheel drive....
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                Just call it the freedom class or super modified


                • #9
                  From the FaceBook Page

                  Brian Battocchi - "Run what ya brung" "RWYB"

                  Joel Lechner - Unlimited or Ultimate. U2 or U4.

                  Ryan Rice - Unlimited

                  Josh Hickey Cage Match Class

                  Lawrence Duty - GONZO G1 G2 G3

                  Steve Fedler - Unlimited Speeder Class

                  Justin Sullivan - I always thought the outlaw sprint cars were awesome. Outlaw rallycross class has a nice ring to it

                  Chaz Laflamme - Should have allowed side by side as well. Call it the tubed class.

                  Tim Boyett - Extreme....X2, X4

                  Mathew Mendoza - Extra, x2 x4

                  ZB Lorenc - Can't call it Unlimited because there are limitations in it. But it will be an Ultimate class to compete in. So...Ultimate

                  Eden Devier Powell - Outlaw mod

                  Richard Brown - Xtreme

                  Pete Schaefer Ultimate

                  Brandon Artherton - Experimental Kit and Custom XKC

                  Brad Bonack - RFC - Race Framed Chassis

                  Glen Moore - Super Outlaw dirt

                  Matthew Grainger - Ultra Class Rallyster....UCR. a twist on word of vehicles call a roadster...add dirt...rallyster. UCR is 2wd. UCRA...Ultra Class Rallyster AWD

                  David Williams - Ultra 2wd and Ultra 4wd

                  Jeremy Plack - Group B

                  Kevin Schatz - Wide Variant class (WV)

                  Amy Ebert - "Extra"

                  Wilbert Cedeno - Custom Special class.

                  Eric Schmidt - Off-road class. OR2 for 2wd OR4 for 4wd

                  Charles Morrill - Unlimited ?

                  Charlee Xiong - wild?

                  Jason Morris - Super Modified - S MOD.

                  Pete Schaefer - Radical, rad2/rad4
                  Mark Macoubrie
                  Kansas City Region
                  2005 STI 41 PA


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                    ^^^I didn't read any of that, so I apologize if it's in there somewhere. How about the "Built" class? BA, BR, BF.



                    • #11
                      Well, it's not really "unlimited", but it's another step further from mod, so how about "super mod"

                      Honestly, I do like the simplicity of "Built". That really does follow the same class progression feel.
                      Jim Perrin
                      WNY Region
                      NEDIV RX Steward


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                        Vote for "super mod"


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                          I requested feedback from the region I'm in. The only serious response I got was "unlimited", which I know has been mentioned before and also has issues.



                          • #14
                            Express Category.

                            "Express" means a couple of things that I read as core to the category charter. First is the ability to create, personalize, and be unique without being tied to a production car. We're looking at builds that will ultimately be an expression of engineering skill and design creativity. The word also describes a different, faster way around with less bottlenecks (rules) and burdens (heavy chassis).

                            "Express" is also not loaded with other associations, either. Many of the words that suit a new off-road category (Outlaw, Bandit, Stinger) are already tangible classes or things in racing. RallyCross is already highly confused with a dozen other "rallycrosses" in the world.

                            I think the letter 'X' is the right one to add to the classing matrix. "Cross" is already shortened to 'X' in many areas, and the letter denotes exciting things in popular culture. X-designated military jets, X-Games, X-Men, X-Files, X-Wings, X-Prepared autocross cars, etc. RallyCross is ripe for an "X-Class."


                            • #15
                              I like X. It makes a lot of sense. Plus, "Express" makes me think "send it!", which sounds like the spirit of this class.
                              Jim Perrin
                              WNY Region
                              NEDIV RX Steward