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New Rides, Mod or Builds for 2018?

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  • New Rides, Mod or Builds for 2018?

    I have been thinking of trying one of other classes and maybe moving to RWD or FWD. I have been driving AWD for the last 5 years. I still fully enjoy putting the hammer down in a 300+HP AWD Subie but thought it might be fun to try something else that takes a different skill set. I have pretty much hit the limit on what I can do to my car without doing some major upgrades like differential.

    Anyone swapping rides over the off season, modifying something or building somethings.

    Would be really interested to hear about it.
    Mark Macoubrie
    Kansas City Region
    2005 STI 41 PA

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    I gave up on trying to make my "PR" RX-7 PR-legal since engine parts are extremely hard to find for '81-82 RX-7s. So it has a late model 13B in it and I'll just drive it for pleasure.

    Picking up the new MR car next weekend. Not sure what I want to do with the old RX-7, I'd hate to sell it because of all of the horror stories of what people do to once-awesome cars, like Lemons racing or parting them out.

    In the process of selling the S40, as well. New owner is one of the few people in MR faster than me I bought a luxury tank to replace it that won't ever see a rallycross except maybe as a tow vehicle.
    '84 RX-7 #9 Mod Rear
    '81 RX-7 #74 Prepared Rear
    '06 S60R #588
    '86 Quantum Syncro #34 Mod AWD


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      I'd love to see some pics of that PR RX-7 back on the road.

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    The Celica just did not have the stones to compete in PF against Bob and Andy so it is being replaced with a CRX. Lets try this again with more power and less weight. In the end, the Celica weighs 400 pounds more than the published figures and cylinder #4 is almost dead. The CRX is getting a complete go over with some rebuilding where required (de-ricing) and fresh paint. There are a number of parts getting harder to find but they CAN be found, it's just that prices for those are going up fast.


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      Joining the fray in PF, Leon? I look forward to the competition!


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        This is the new local car. It's a 1986 mr2 we are building for MR. It'll have a new engine and trans combo before the start of the season. For out of town events I'm putting the mf celica back in action with some improvements. The pf car is back to daily driver status.


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          I am currently building my first car for my intro to rally solo. And the future plans to move to rally sprint with a 2015 focus that I have acquired. It is too currently in the process of being built.

          My forester ( the toaster) build is simple. I just dropped the entire running gear out of it.

          We are currently replacing all bushings, bearings,struts, rotors, brake pads, etc. The motor is out and getting the heads completely redone and deck surfaced as well as a fresh bottom end. (seems excessive but I build subaru engines on the side in my company, so it is just a rebuild motor to me)

          I will be installing a racing seat, racing steering wheel, custom roll bar for the attachment of a 5 point harness. ( i believe that keeps me stock SAFETY ONLY) The reason again for those items is to become accustom to my new and hopefully part time weekend office. ( Focus and forester are hopefully set the same.)

          Now, If you are wondering why I picked a toaster to start with,here are some of the reasons.
          I wanted a vehicle that would challenge my driving in a AWD class.
          they have a little more ground clearance and a slightly higher roll center taking a little more to get them to work.
          And lastly it never hurts to have about 3 to 4 of the older SF and SG cars sitting around that either customers didn't want to fix or i bought at auction for parts or resale. Yes, I have impreza's too, but everyone does an impreza. sorry not trying to offend anyone that have imprezas. I have a Blobeye STI nick named Tarmac.

          I was mainly into RWD mustangs. Sadly the only thing they normally are good at is drag racing and that has never been my thing. with the exception when someone pulls up to me at a light. So getting those racing needs out in a controlled environment is a huge plus for me.

          It has taken me 36 years to finally become part of the SCCA. I have wanted to race in SCCA since I was 10 years old. As for Rally , its been since i was about 14 when I found rally in Ireland. Instantly i was hooked! ( Audi Quarto WOW)

          I am blessed to drive home daily to 10 to 12 miles of private gravel mountain roads here in SW PA, surrounded by about 1000 acres of rolling hay and oat fields. I can use those fields once the hay is harvested. So, it is about time to stop dreaming and start doing.


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            I could make you a good deal on my PR '72 MGB-GT. ;-) Includes Rally Tires and a Detroit locker differential.


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              After not racing this year, i will be moving from PR to MR with my 86 mr2. Swapping in a vvti v6 from a toyota avalon, and a mk2 transmission with LSD. Will be partially gutting interior and building a permanent roof scoop for the air intake, hydro ebrake, and adding lightness where i can. Hoping to come out to nats this season. I bought a tow rig. Driving to indianola in a 30yr old car and driving it back after a weekend of racing was a little nerve racking last year.

              tomcelica, be sure to join "mr.2 dirty mr2 rally racing community" on facebook and share your build or ask questions.


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                They always look a lot worse before they start looking better.


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                  Click image for larger version

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                  Old and busted, vs new hotness.
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                  '84 RX-7 #9 Mod Rear
                  '81 RX-7 #74 Prepared Rear
                  '06 S60R #588
                  '86 Quantum Syncro #34 Mod AWD


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                    Originally posted by Dynatorch View Post
                    They always look a lot worse before they start looking better.
                    What happened to the roof??


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                      What roof?
                      Oh...that roof.
                      It was the wrong roof.
                      Roof roof.


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                        I've been running Stock AWD as long as I've been into Rallycross. Moving to Stock RWD this season. No, I did not convert my Impreza to RWD.
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                          Charles, the '81 is mostly completed. There is a 6 port 13B with a Dell'Orto carb in the engine bay and everything is buttoned up. There are three main problems with its progress:

                          The fuel tank is full of crud. I have run about 20 gallons of gasoline in it since I got it, 5 gallons at a time, and it still keeps coming out a sickly evil-smelling dark red goo after a few months.
                          I NEED to focus on getting my '84 ready for this season, and the logistics of making the Watts linkage work with the Ford 9" rear is kicking my ass.
                          Third, two of the '81s tires are currently holding up my RX-3, which had been sitting in a barn since 1979 and two of its tires refused to hold air.

                          Also, I have an RX-3, which I see as a Miata sized car with more headroom and less width, so slaloms should be faster. It will eventually replace my '84, but I want to win MR nationally with it first.
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                          '84 RX-7 #9 Mod Rear
                          '81 RX-7 #74 Prepared Rear
                          '06 S60R #588
                          '86 Quantum Syncro #34 Mod AWD


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                            I saw this post just now (I have no excuse) and remembered I thought the same thing after winning nationals with our evo! Ultimately I finally wrangled myself a rough NB Miata this last fall to run locally but am probably going to just keep driving the evo. That thing is such a kick in the pants.
                            Max Lawson
                            2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR
                            National Champion 2015 PA
                            2nd Place 2016 MA