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2017 Nationals Predictions!

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  • 2017 Nationals Predictions!

    Here's my non-expert opinion:

    SF - Chang Ho Kim (repeat winner)
    SR - a miata (seriously, this class is huge this year!)
    SA - Jan Gerber (yep yep)
    PF - ?? (Robert or David I suppose, last year this was a crazy battle to the final run)
    PR - Gonzalo (I might be a bit biased as his miata looks a lot like Susan's)
    PA - Warren (if he stays in the class), Mark Macoubrie (of Warren jumps to MA)
    MF - Bret Hunter (if his car survives), Aaron Miller (go Colorado!)
    MR - ?? (Another toss-up, John is Dustin)
    MA - me (although Scott Banes is freaky fast when his car is running)
    Max Lawson
    2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR
    National Champion 2015 PA
    2nd Place 2016 MA

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    Good calls Max pa should be a Mark.
    Winner of five national championships in a row.


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      Pf will be the class to watch, Bob, David or Andy.
      Winner of five national championships in a row.


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        of the cars registered here are my predictions.

        SF - Kieth Lightfoot or Chang Ho Kim
        SR - Michael Lasater
        SA - Jan Gerber (ZB Lorenc and Steve Ducharme will give him a run for the money)
        PF - Bob Seelig, Andy Thomas, David Capesius or Greg Cheney This one will be extremely Competitive. very tough to come up with one or even two names.
        PR - Shawn Roberts
        PA - Warren Elliott (Mark Hill) Hoping I will be in the running
        MF - Bret Hunter or Kent Hamilton
        MR - Vaughn Micciche or John W England
        MA - Max Lawson, Janis Dancis or Scott Banes (if his car holds together)
        Mark Macoubrie
        Kansas City Region
        2005 STI 41 PA


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          Up to a buck.
          Winner of five national championships in a row.


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            Colorado to take home the most trophies again this year...


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              Ill play

              sf- should be a good battle between Chang and donald Carl again my nod goes to Chang to repeat.
              sr- most don't know him but watch out for Sean grogan he's an experienced autocrosser and comes from a fast detroit region rallycross program. Don't sleep on Logan altmyer from tenesee in the Nissan either.
              sa- Jan is my frontrunner, If zb can stay clean he can be in the mix
              pf- if I can't win id like to see bob repeat. Don't forget about my codriver eric he was quick in my car first time driving it.
              pr- this is Shawn Roberts year. He's been on fire here at home and has ran in some slop since that seems like his biggest weakness.
              pa- I'm looking forward to a repeat battle like we had in the east Warren vs Mark and who can stay clean.
              mf- this is Bret Hunter's year with Kent, Aaron and Leon battling for 2nd
              mr- looking forward to this one. Vaughn has been brutally fast in the east but seems to have had some engine issues last weekend. Hopefully Vaughn can piece something together to battle out with John England and Dustin in the ae86.
              ma- Max Lawson was impressive last year so he's my pick but I'm curious to see how 2016 PA winner Janis goes in an evo. And if Scott banes can keep from breaking that early impreza, he could shake up the top and don't sleep on radim in his wrx from new york.
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                SF - Neck and neck again between Chang Ho Kim and Donald Carl. The morning dew will make a difference. The Neon of Donald Carl will prevail.
                SR - a Miata.
                SA - This Evo IX will be undefeated at Nationals so Jan Gerber will repeat. ZB Lorenc can mix it up but he'll have to be on top of his game and be clean on every run.
                PF - No morning dew for these guys this year. Robert Seelig repeats.
                PR - Lack of dew will change the winner this year. Shawn Roberts gets it. Gonzo was a fierce competitor in SA - look for him to mix it up as well.
                PA - Warren Elliott is back in his proper class and will take the win.
                MF - Bret Hunter will win the battle between Aaron, Kent, and Leon.
                MR - George Gildner in the 911 will be the surprise winner.
                MA - The Evo of Max Lawson will edge out the Evo of Janis Dancis.
                MA 1995 Subaru Impreza
                SA 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS


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                  Originally posted by So Close View Post
                  Colorado to take home the most trophies again this year...
                  Related image


                  Great to meet everyone, look forward to returning next year.
                  -Sean Grogan #165 SR Detroit Region
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