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  • 1968 AMX Build

    This is my first time posting and wanted to get some thoughts. First off I am a big American Motors fan and have owned several over the years. I found this gutted out 1968 AMX in a field and wanted to do something totally different with it. I really like the idea of running in the dirt so I decided to build this car for RallyCross and maybe some dirt hill climbs.

    I would love to get any thoughts or comments. Good or bad about my build. It may be a little overkill but I am doing everything with FIA compliance in mind.

    I do have some questions about tires and sizes. Do to clearance I need to stick with a 26-27" tire. Any thoughts on typical sizes used for RallyCross? I was looking at 225/60-16.


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    If you want to run a true rallytire you will want to stick with a 15" Rim. You will also want to consider looking for wheels that can take the lateral load. Steel wheels may not be the best solution. If the car is completely gutted you will be running in the MR class. Trying to reduce weight seems like it might be a good place to start. I am also thinking the car is going to be pretty front heavy. You may consider some tubular arms and with the ability to make camber/caster adjustments. If it is anything like my 1970 Buick it has a tendency to push really bad.
    Mark Macoubrie
    Kansas City Region
    2005 STI 41 PA


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      Thanks for the response. I am realizing I need 15" to run rally tires and I have yet to find a good 15" rally rim in a 5x5 though. Still looking but no luck. I may just end up going with steel while the car is being sorted out. Good ideas on the weight. I do have tubular upper control arms and have cut a bunch of unnecessary metal off the front. I am also replacing some heavy engine stuff with aluminum and may end up with a fiberglass hood as well.