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Baja Buggy Vs VW Golf

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  • Baja Buggy Vs VW Golf

    I have been doing autocross for a few seasons and have always wanted a baja bug and also think rallycross looks like a lot of fun. Would a bug do OK in Rallycross? Looking at costs I could get a rough or project bug for a couple grand. I could also pick up an old golf to thrash for that money. I am somewhat handy for repairs but never anything with a carb (other than small engine stuff). What sort of maintenance do rallycross cars command other than cleaning and maybe making sure all the suspension parts are where they need to be?

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    You’re right - RallyCross is a ton of fun! Bugs have done quite well in rallycross. Doug Liebman won the National Championship in one a few years ago and we have one that is very competitive in the Milwaukee region (though far from stock). Golfs are also popular choices and do well. ZB won the National Championship in the Modified FWD class in one this year. Both choices would be both fun and competitive.

    RallyCross is generally very easy on cars. Debeading tires is the most common issue, followed by ripping out fender liners on newer cars. General maintenance is as you suspect, mainly cleaning the cars and then giving them a once-over.

    Sadly this official forum isn’t always the most active place to discuss things such as car choices. You are likely to have more responses if you also post it on this Facebook group:

    It’s not SCCA-specific, but most of the discussion relates to SCCA regions and events. We hope to see you out there!