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Skid plate 1/8”=11 gauge=.090=Confused

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  • Skid plate 1/8”=11 gauge=.090=Confused

    I’m interested in a skid plate for my Mazda 3 that I’ll be using for rallycross. I’ve read various advice indicating that the minimum thickness should be. 1/8”. Corksport makes a skid plate for my MZ3 that they describe as 11 gauge or .090. I’m wondering if these are all equivalent. This chart seems to indicate that they are.

    Obviously .090 is not the same as 1/8” which as a decimal is .125. Is this dimension for aluminum kind of like a 2x4 not actually being 2x4?

    In short, will Corksport’s 11 gauge skid plate be suitable for rallycross?

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    For better protection, I'd recommend using at least 1/4" aluminum for rallycross. Rally teams typically use 5/16" or 3/8", but they are going faster and are more likely to hit something hard vs. rallycross.
    Keith Lightfoot
    Colorado Region
    SCCA Rules Committee Chair
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      That chart doesn’t indicate that they are equivalent. Sheet metal gauge sizes relate to different actual thicknesses for different materials. That’s what that chart shows. 11 gauge stainless steel is 0.125” thick but 11 gauge aluminum is only 0.0907” thick.

      A lot of this depends on the car and course. Some cars can do just fine with no skid plate. Others need a really tough one. You don’t mention the year of your Mazda 3, but in general things with higher ground clearances will hit the skid plate less - but I’d think that .090” unit wouldn’t take much abuse.

      Have you checked with SkidPlateGuy to see if he has anything? He’s annoying to work with as he has no website and does everything through PMs on social media, but he usually has good products.