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Used rally tires??? Are they real or just a myth

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  • Used rally tires??? Are they real or just a myth

    So are there really places you can buy used rally tires that aren't almost the cost of new ones ?

    At the last few events I have been to I have to been told by more than one person," Oh you should just get some used rally tires they are super cheap." I always ask them where to buy them at. They can never remember the website they saw them. These same people also are never running rally tires, but seem to know everything about rally tires. I have looked and looked and I understand that rally tires new are $$$$$$, and it is a very small group of people buying them.

    Currently right now there is a guy on ebay that has old stock rally tires that have a DOT of 2017 and he is asking $175 a tire. Seems really high since you can buy new tires for a little over $200 from Summit racing and others places. Being that the tires have a DOT of 2017 means they are pretty much 3 years and tires don't get better with age, last time I checked.

    Anyway if there is a magic website that has cheaper lightly used rally tires please send it my way. If not someone please let me know, so I will stop searching in vain and just step up and buy new ones even though it's going to be $$$$$$.

    Side note I don't racing a Subaru, but I bought rims that Subaru size tires would fit knowing that 90% of the rally tires out there are made for Subarus..

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    I don't know of any website, but, typically these used rally tires are coming off of teams that are competing in the various stage rally events around the US. I am actually this week picking up 2 sets of takes offs for $500, but got pretty lucky in that the person selling them to me is a fabricator for the rally team and knows me through a facebook group.

    A really great place to keep an eye open for these take offs is a group on facebook called "north american rally (fs/ft/wtb)". You may need to look to find local rally teams, because the shipping may make your purchase no longer feasible.

    Lastly, my last of rally tires I purchased from Demon Tweeks in the UK. With 2 day shipping, they were $480. When looking at the price, be sure to check if the VAT (value added tax) is included or not. US purchases don't pay VAT, so if the price on their site includes it (typically it does), you can take something like 20% off the price listed. This was a set of maxsport 14" rally retreads, which aren't going to be as stiff as a true stage rally tire, but, on my 2300lb MR2, they were stiff enough that I ran down around 20-22psi on them and they've been holding up for 2 seasons now. The other nice thing was on a set of 12lb miata wheels, my entire wheel/tire package was 28lbs I think? My steel wheel/snow tire wheel and tire package was 35lbs/corner, so the rally retreads don't add a ton of weight for low power cars.


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      Keep an eye on this Facebook group: Fit now there is a post from a Matt Brassfield for twelve total tires that he’s asking for $50-$75 each for.