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    I'm a pretty big fan of using OEM aluminum wheels whenever I can. They may be heavy as compared to some aftermarket wheels but they're generally pretty robust. With that said..... what are some good aftermarket wheels and what are some to avoid. TireRack offers some Sparco wheels that are priced pretty nice.
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    I’ve used lots of the el cheapo wheels from TireRack and Discount Tire Direct. Never had any of them fail, even in 18” diameter, and I used them on big high powered cars like WRX, Speed3 and Golf R. On my MF Escort I have the Kosei wheels because the car uses the same wheel specs as a Miata. They are stupid light, something like 9lbs per wheel, and I have not broken any of them either.

    Lots of Subarus around Colorado use Team Dynamics Rally1, which cost between $150-200 and can be ordered in custom offset if you have time to wait.
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      For a 15" wheel I use Enkei RC-G4. They are light 16.1lbs and durable. I have had great experience with them. The are mid range on price.

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        We've been using Team Dynamics and a set of Enkies. With the Team Dynamics we have to run spacers in the front as their offset isn't quite right for the evo.

        In our wrx days we ground our front calipers down and ran Subaru alloys from the late 90s. I miss those days. Cheap and plentiful wheels.
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