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Preferred tires for stock class?

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  • Preferred tires for stock class?

    I need to pick up some tires for a stock class Miata. I'm assuming snow tires are still the go-to solution? Firestone Winterforce or General Altimax still the ones to get? I'm open to all opinions or suggestions. Thanks!

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    I've used the Hankook iPike on my 2.5RS and my previous Evo. The iPike is very similar to the General Altimax. I have noticed though that the new iPike and Winterforce have been updated with different tread patterns. Not so sure that I like them as well.
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      The Winterforces have been superseded by the Winterforce 2.

      I bought a pair for my S40 to use as alternates. I wasn't terribly impressed with the original Winterforce but it at least was quite inexpensive and had a very chunky tread pattern, even if the compound wasn't so great.

      The 2 is 10x worse. I can't say for what the compound is like, since I never actually competed on them, but the sidewalls are paper thin and about as stiff, and the tread blocks are very close together. Treadwidth is about 1/2" narrower than normal, for my tire size (185/65-15) I had them on the back of my S40 on the street and the handling was scary compared to my old Altimaxes (which were horrible tires to rallycross on unless the car had AWD). It felt like the rear suspension bushings were all shot and the tires had 15 pounds in them even though I had them up to 40psi. And with a trailer the handling was downright spooky.

      I gave the tires away with the car when I sold the S40, so I won't ever have any competition experience on them.


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        A stock Miata has inexpensive snow tires and cheap secondhand wheels, so the upshot is that you can test with multiple tires.

        Another one to try might be the Cooper Weather-Master ST/2. Cheap, blocky tread pattern.