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  • Evo down!

    Our evo was recently broken and I figured I post about it since it was an odd case.

    Symptoms: suddenly there was no boost during an event. No outward signs of issue. After event car went into limp mode and stayed that way. Codes were: front o2 sensor, maf, speed density.

    What I did: replaced front o2, maf, fuel pump. Eventually took to shop.

    Prognosis: the catalytic converter disintegrated and was blocking the exhaust plus the speed density sensor wasn't working.

    In the end I got a new cat and speed density installed. This plus the other sensor stuff has the evo code-free for the first time in two years.

    What the heck happened? During the previous event the rear exhaust hanger ripped off and the exhaust got a bit floppy. I was going to fix but didn't notice until it was too close to the next event. The additional rattling about caused the cat to fall apart which blocked the exhaust. Not sure if the speed density failing was related or coincidental. It's possible it went out before the cat as the sensor completely controls the boost which was the first thing to go.

    So if your car is running horribly and you've checked all the normal stuff drop the exhaust and see if that helps. It's unusual for the cat to fail but simple to check.
    Max Lawson
    2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR
    National Champion 2015 PA
    2nd Place 2016 MA