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    I was just wondering if anyone else had a backup rallycross car. When we bought the evo we then also got a 1997 Impreza wagon as a backup. We raced it once and decided it was a bit too slow to rallycross (plus we didn't want to break it). Then last year we got and fixed a 2006 WRX which was to be the backup. This was better but the crazing throttle was too much to deal with. Now we're buying a 2001 Impreza RS as a backup car. I expect it'll not be as quick as the evo but this one is proven to do well at rallycross.

    Anyone else have backup rallycross cars?
    Max Lawson
    2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR
    National Champion 2015 PA
    2nd Place 2016 MA

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    I work in computers so my backups have backups.
    I have a 2002 miata that is the current rallyx car.
    I have my old 1994 Miata rallyx car still and I have the 1997 miata that is normally my daily driver but was the backup car when I was racing the 1994 so I guess it is the backup cars backup car now. I also have a different spare 1994 Miata and a 1997 impreza stock class cars that I rent out to friends for local events but both could be my backups if I needed them to be.


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      My 2.5RS was doing back up duty when I had the Evo. It was retired when I got the RedX. After the engine in the RedX expired the event after Nationals, the 2.5RS was unretired for Reindeer RallyCross (Charity event) where the engine promptly expired as well. The 2.5RS is fixed now, but I'm gun shy to put it back into RX action. I'm not planning to RX my FR-S ..............
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        Anything I have with four wheels and passes tech is a rallycross car.

        I'm down to three at the moment. I'm driving the PF car home tonight. MR car needs a new exhaust ($$$) and I'm almost done putting the new rearend together that I started working on two years ago. I just drove 13 hours this weekend picking up core engines 5 and 6 for the PR car since good 12As are really hard to find. These ones were pulled at low mileage for V8 swaps so I have a good feeling about THESE ones.

        I might have an M4 car this year but maybe not, depends on how much more work the PR and MR cars need, and if I replace the PF car with a SA car. But right now it keeps a set of jackstands weighed down like it has for the past five or six years.
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          How much would it cost someone to have a backup?