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    Originally posted by WAM View Post
    Both the Maxsports and tires are retreads. Or they call it remanufactured. Do we know if they use rally tire carcasses or might they be passenger tire carcasses?
    Black Rockets are on Michelin rally carcasses.

    The Maxsports that I have seen were on rally carcasses too but they make very many different models. The Indy Sports also APPEAR to be rally carcasses.

    Personally I want to see rally tire compounds on street tire carcasses. Anything will debead but rally tire sidewalls are too stiff for grip on rough courses. On a smooth course it doesn't matter what the sidewall is like.

    I should also point out that we apparently can not access Demon Tweek's UK website without using a VPN. Any time I try to go to I get redirected to a US website and the products are different.
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      At least when we bought our Black Rockets a few years ago they had rally-walled tires and regular-walled tires. You might reach out to the rm-autosports guys and see if they have something that'll work for you.
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